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The data /research is intended to cover up to the year 2000AD only, there will be some exceptions.

All image files are copies or transcriptions of the original files from various sources all information where possible has been either copied or transcribed to ensure it represents the original.

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The aim is to build the entire Grimason and Grimison family tree throughout the whole world back to the earliest times.

By establishing the various Pedigrees I hope to be able to either prove the family legend about three brothers or disprove the legend.

The Grimason name is traceable back to the 18th Century. in the rural areas around the townlands of Drumcree,Lurgan, Portadown, Seagoe and Tanderagee in County Armagh, Ireland.
There is some evidence to indicate that the family was also in the Dungannon Area of county Tyrone in the late 1780's.

For years the families occupations appear to have been farmer, tailor and weaver with some opting for a life in the Armed forces .

Some of the family remain in the area today and others have migrated throughout UK and the world,even so the family surname as such remains fairly rare, this has not been helped by parts of the family taking up or adopting other surnames.