Background on this study.

How this One Name Study got started was mainly due to my visit to Ireland in 1985 which proved beyond doubt that the GRIMSHAW Surname and the GRIMASON were linked in County Armagh.

While in Ireland I transcribed some 89 records covering Baptisms, Births and Marriages.

On returning to New Zealand I was to find that I had by default become the authority on the family due to the amount of information I now held; this even holds true to this day, as of August 2015 none of the baptisms or marriages I transcribed have appeared on any commercial Genealogical site.

What I have discovered so far has been mainly the countries to which some of our folk have migrated and along the way, some of the stories concerning some of those folk, see general interest.

What I have also found is that it pays to ensure that the records given are a true representation of what history shows to have happened, not sometimes assumed or made up for convenience.

The quest continues and, with your help hopefully we can connect family back together.Wanted

Not much has been found concerning the homes of the various Pedigrees that I have managed to piece together so far as I have not as yet come across any photographs of the family homes in Ireland.

Some family have proven difficult to trace forward to the present day; this is due to a number of factors such as mis-transcription, interpretation of census images where they exist and, of course the adoption of another surname either before or after moving to another country.

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