General Interest page and FQA's

Q. What is a One name Study?
A. A one-name study is a project researching a specific surname, as opposed to a particular pedigree (ancestors of one person) or descendancy (descendants of one person or couple). Some people who research a specific surname may restrict their research geographically and chronologically, perhaps to one country and time period, while others may collect all occurrences world-wide for all time.

A one-name study is not limited to persons who are related biologically. Studies may have a number of family trees which have no link with each other.

Q. Why use DNA?
A. DNA profiling as such can help identify people who are related where records no longer exist or records fail to show the relationship for example the Marriage certificates of England, Ireland and Wales fail to show either the Grooms or brides Mother or even her Maiden name only the father of the Groom and bride are shown which is not helpful when you have many Joseph's for example with the father being John and the ages being shown as being full.
DNA can also prove connections /legends and possible surname corruptions as well, case in point, it is said by some that the GRIMESEY surname is a corruption of the GRIMASON surname, it would appear that only DNA tests will either prove this to be correct or find otherwise.
It is possible that we may find that our GRIMASON family surname is a corruption of the GRIMSTON / GRIMSTONE surname and again DNA testing will either prove the connection of find otherwise.

Q. What does Full of Age mean?
A. Full of Age means 21 years old or older where as Minor means under 21 years of age.

Q. Why is this surname registered with the Guild Of One Name Studies (GOONS)?
A. The reason this surname is registered with the Guild Of One Name Studies is to ensure that if anyone else is interested in researching the surname they contact me to find out what research has been done, also so that we can compare notes and where possible co-ordinate our research so that we avoid doubling up on researching the same source's.

Q. Does our Family have a Coat of Arms?
A. Based on research so far I have found only one coat of Arms that is Authentic.
Coats of Arms also comes under Heraldry see my Heraldry page, as for the Family having a coat of Arms as such in short No,only individuals may hold a Coat of Arms, this leeds on to the question have any of our family held a Coat of Arms and in this case yes, as to whom that I have not been able to find out yet as those records may be held in Germany.

Q. Do you know the Origin of our surname?
A. Our surname based on research appears to have originated from Norway (Vikings), it would also appear that our surname was patronymic.

A patronym, or patronymic, is a component of a personal name based on the given name of one's father, grandfather or an even earlier male ancestor.

Q. How far back have you been able to research our family name?
A. The earliest occurrence of the GRIMASON name that I have found has been 1066 in Norway how ever I have so far been able to trace individual lines in Ireland back to about 1798 or there a bout's.

Q. Are there any Facts and Stories about some of our family?
A. In short yes, see my Fame, Fiction, Stories and Facts pages.

Q. Why is does this project concentrate on the male lines only?
A. To follow the female lines would prove to be rather expensive and would also mean that many other surnames would be included in this project that are not part of this One Name Study, females generally take the Males surname when they marry and thus become no longer part of this project in general.

Q. What spellings of our surname have been found?
A. I have found a number of Variants / spellings of our surname otherwise corruptions of the surname these are on my Our Surname page.

Q. Are there more records available than what is on any one website online?
A. Yes there are, these are held for example by the Public Records Office Northern Ireland (P.R.O.N.I) and these records are on Micro film, I hold transcriptions of some of these records as well.

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