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Common misspellings and typos for the surname Grimason: rimason, Griason, Girmason, Grimasonn, rGimason, Grimsaon, Griimason, Griamson, Grimaso, Grimson, Grimasn, Grimaosn, Grimaon, Grrimason, Grmiason, Grimaason, Grimmason, Grimasoon, Gimason, Grimasno, Grimasson, Grmason, GGrimason.
Grimmeissen can also be spelt as Grimeissen or Grimmei├čen, or Grimmeisen or Grimmeisson or Grimmeison.
The GRIMASON family seem to have a habit of Adopting other surnames and going by what I have found so far the Surname adopted is a common surname like LEWIS, GRIMSHAW, JONES or HARRIS for example.
The problem is in most cases only one or two brothers of the family adopt the surname and the others keep the GRIMASON surname.
As to why I do not know, however I do suspect in the Case of the Grimshaw surname it may have something to do with thew Fact that The Grimshaw family of County Antrim where known as the Cotton Barons of Ireland.

Grimeson is one version of the Families Surname that seams to have been inter changeable over time with the GRIMASON and GRIMISON spelling.
The Grimeson surname is still used today by at lest one branch of the family that I am aware of.



Stewart J.A. Woolever Jr. ( Stewart Woolever's e-mail address ).

At the Willever- Woolever Family Roots of New Jersey & Pa. Kin site this was found;

JOSEPH ALOYSIUS GRIMESON was born 12th September 1896, and died September 1971 in Montclair,Essex County, New Jersey.


She was born 1st October 1899 in Hackettstown, New Jersey, and died 26th September 1988 in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey.

Notes for JOSEPH ALOYSIUS GRIMESON: Surname is also spelt; GRIMASON or GRIMISON JOSEPH ALOYSIUS GRIMESON was one of 11 IRISH CATHOLIC KIDS He served in WW1, He died in Mountainsi

de Hospital, He is buried in Newark, New Jersey, in the GRIMESON Plot, located on the North side of the Garden State Parkway in Newark, New Jersey, USA. Grimeson, Joseph Social Security #: 147-05-7330


The Grimmesey Surname is claimed to be a corruption of the Grimason surname.

Some variations of the Grimmesey surname are; Grimesay, Grimesey, Grimmacy, Grimacey, Grimasy, Grimesy, Grimmesey, Grimmesy, Gremesey & Grimecy.




JAMES KENNETH SWANSON ( James. K. Swanson's e-mail address ) ,states at his site the following; John Wesley GRIMMESEY, son of John GRIMMESEY and Anna JONES.

He was born April 24, 1824 in County Tyrone, Ireland, and died November 11, 1892 in Warren, Ohio, USA.

He married Lucinda Hendricks PAINTER daughter of SAMUEL PAINTER and MARY HENDRICKS. Lucinda Hendricks PAINTER was born June 01, 1827 in Home farm Salem, Ohio, and died August 12, 1901 in Warren, Ohio.

Notes for John Wesley GRIMMESEY : His parents were English Episcopalians, who migrated from England to Ireland.

The name, primarily GRIMASON, became modified into GRIMMESEY in the latter country.

A man of wide information, of deep sympathy, a pioneer and enthusiastic worker in the Prohibition Party, at the front in all reformatory temperance movements, and in all movements that contributed to the betterment of his fellowmen.

( "Surnames of Scotland" by G Black ) Page 331.
John Grvmansonne (Grumanson ) of Strathdon, Aberdeen, Scotland. 1494

In the book "Surnames as a science" by "Robert Ferguson" "2nd Edition". Page 104.

The author states the following; "Men's names in Place names" Anglo-Saxon Man's Name: Grim, Place Name: Grimaston, Present Name: Grimstone, Norfolk

Based on the probability that the GRIMASON surname is a corruption of the GRIMASTON name then this would imply that the GRIMSON, GRIMSTON and GRIMSTONE surname are more than likely related.
Food for thought.
Then again the meaning of the surname could be simply "Son of Grima or Grimmerson, son of Grimmer, son of Grim"

Are the Grimshaw's connected to the Grimason's?

Not all Grimshaw's are connected to the Grimason family.

It appears that only the Grimshaw's that have origins of County Armagh are actually connected to the Grimason family name.

This is because some of the Grimason family adopted the Grimshaw surname and used both surnames.

The Grimshaw's of White House, Carnmondy, Antrim, Ireland are not related going by the research I have done to date, this family can be traced back to the Grimshaw's of Pendle Forest, Lancashire, England and also to Grymsagh which is near Blackburn in Lancashire England this were the cotton Barons of Ireland came from.

I have proof that the Grimshaw families of County Armagh Ireland are in fact Grimason's this includes those that can prove their origin as being from County Armagh, Ireland and this is by way of ;

1. A probate will for one John Grimason otherwise Grimshaw who died at Kilmoriarty, Armagh, Ireland on the 5th Feb 1903.

2. The case of my Great Grand father Robert Henry Grimason who applied for a New Zealand Government land grant as Robert Henry Grimmason and sailed on the "GANGES" as Robert H Grimshaw arriving in Auckland, New Zealand on the 14th Feb 1865 ex Queenstown ( now days Cobh ), Cork, Ireland. In 1870 Robert H Grimmason sold the land here in New Zealand and in 1884 he married as Robert Henry Grimshaw, Francis a brother of Robert's also adopted the Grimshaw surname in the 1870's, yet another brother Thomas George retained the Grimason surname sadly I have found no evidence that Thomas George Grimason having any descendants.


3. Another case is that of Zacharias Grimason who married Elizabeth Fox in Seagoe, Armagh, Ireland, their last son Shadrac Grimason ( Grimeson) was born in 1870 in Armagh, Ireland and in 1873 Shadrac Grimshaw died in Coatbridge, Scotland.
Shadrac's father being listed as Zacharias Grimshaw and his mother as Elizabeth Grimshaw nee Fox, the whole family is shown in the 1881 census of Scotland as being a Grimshaw family.

This concludes the evidence and thus I rest my case.

 The below are either being worked on or have been completed, as to why the One name Study of the GRIMSHAW surname in thses countries, this is to identify the GRIMSHAW families that are in actual fact GRIMASON families and there are just to many GRIMSHAW families in England to  for this research.

A One Name study of the Grimshaw's of Scotland up to about 1900 has been completed.

 A One Name study of the Grimshaw's of Australia up to about 1920 is being researched.

A One Name study of the Grimshaw's of New Zealand up to 1920 is being worked on.

Further GRIMSHAW One Name Studies for Canada and USA may be under taken at a latter point.