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The Best Christmas present ever.

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Bruce C GRIMISON has published a book called "Echoes Down The Years" ISBN 0-9588025-05 some 383 pages of information.

This book is very hard to come by and I feel privileged having read what Bruce has written about his family, I hope to scan this book and in turn make this book more available to the family on either CD or DVD disk.

This is a well told story and worth the read, I only hope that I at some latter date are able to write a narrative that is just as good.


A musical in two acts " Sir John Eh" which is about the first Prime Minister of Canada Sir John A Mc Donald in which Eliza GRIMASON the proprietor of the Kingston Royal Tavern features.

Eliza GRIMASON nee DEACON also christened the C.G.S. BELLECHASSE (C.133935) at Kingston on May 15, 1912.




Legend 1. Family legend has it that three GRIMASON brothers went to Ireland with Prince William of Orange ( King William III ), two remained in the north and one went south. It is said that one kept the original surname and the other two took corruptions of the family surname. If this is the case then the three brothers must have gone to Ireland between 19 April 1689 and October 1691 as this is when the treaty of Limerick took place. Prince William of Orange went to Ireland to fight King James II. War of English Succession. Siege of Londonderry by James II began 19 April 1689, ultimately relieved 30 July 1689; Battle of Newtown Butler 31 July 1689: James's army defeated. Treaty of Limerick October 1691.


Legend 2. Three Brothers that where Tailors who originated from Glasgow, Scotland went to Ireland shortly after Prince William of Orange defeated King James II. It is said that one kept the original surname and the other two took corruptions of the family surname. Research has shown that quite a number of the GRIMASON's where indeed Tailors in and around 1850 however I have found no trace of any GRIMASON's in Scotland pre 1841 unles they are under the GRIMSON surname which is possible.


Note: Church of Ireland = Church of England ( Anglican ) and this would indicate that the three brothers may have originated from Cumbria or Norfolk is a possibility due to the fact that GRIMSTON in Norfolk was once GRIMASTON as you can see just drop the "T" and we have our surname.




First up the Claims that are suspect.

In This case a scam.


Unit 40, 1A Coulson St. Erskineville, NSW 2043 A.C.N. 003 235 238

Dear Ms. Grimason I have exciting news for you and fellow Gnmasons! I have been working on a project which involves Burke's Peerage relating to the Grimason family name. Finally, after considerable effort, "THE WORLD BOOK OF GRIMASONS" is ready to be published and you Ms. Mary Grimason are listed in it. Since you are listed in this new book, I thought you would like to know all about it. Using highly sophisticated computer resources in Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Germany. Austria. Switzerland, the Netherlands. France, South Africa, Canada, Italy, Spain and the United States, over 170 million individual household records have been searched resulting in the most extensive worldwide registry of families bearing the Grimason name today. The Grimason 1996 International Directory is a featured section of the book and is as current as possible. In addition to the 1996 International Directory, you will find informative chapters about European emigration to the new world, the origin and meaning of names, heraldry, and genealogy. You'll learn why early emigrants left their birth place and the fascinating story of their journey to new lands. You'll learn how to research your own family lineage. You will also find specific information in relation to the Grimason name: 1. Newly developed statistical information about the Grimason population in fourteen countries and where Grimasons live in these countries today. 2. The role of heraldry during the medieval period, and the development of family crests with ancient symbols and what they mean. 3. How you can use the Grimason 1996 International Directory to assist you in tracing your family tree or in locating lost family members. Family Heritage Australia is proud to be associated with Burke's Peerage and delighted to _ present Grimasons with this important book. Burke's Peerage has been a distinguished British publisher since 1826. For over a century and a half, Burke's neritage publications have fascinated people throughout the world, including Royal families, the Aristocracy and Presidents (Burke's Peerage has traced the lineage of every royal head of state, plus the families of all American Presidents). This remarkable collection of valuable information is available only in "THE WORLD BOOK OF GRIMASONS." Since it is very expensive to produce extra copies after our scheduled publishing date, there will be only one printing. To my knowledge, this is the only compilation of Gnmason families available in the world today and you will want to have your own copy for you and your children. To reserve your own personal copy(s) of "THE WORLD BOOK OF GRIMASONS," you must order right away. The total number of copies printed will be strictly established by the number of orders postmarked within the next 15 days.


P.S. Even though your Grimason Registry is printed for you alone, if you are dissatisfied for any reason, we guarantee a full and prompt refund of the purchase price.

Please see your GRIMASON APPROVAL ORDER FORM for details.

The Historical Research Center has written an account of the GRIMISON surname.


The Historical Research Center state the following: "With regard to the family name GRIMISON, it indicates "son of Grim', a variant of the Old Norse given name Grimr meaning "mask". It is, however, also possible that GRIMISON is of habitation origin, derived from the place where the original bearer once lived or held land. Here GRIMISON is a corruption of GRIMSTON, denoting "one who came from Grimston", the name of places in Leicestershire and Co. Norfolk, so called form the Old Norse first name Grimr and the Old English "tun" meaning "enclosure, homestead, settlement". Variants of the surname GRIMSON include GRIMYSON, GRIMSON and GRIMSTON." They go onto say that " One of the earliest reference's to this name is a record of one Cecilia GRYMESON, who is mentioned in the Poll Tax Returns for Yorkshire in 1379." They also state " This name was introduce to North America as early as 1739 in which year we find a record of the emigration of James GRIMISON, who sailed to Virginia."

They also give a description of a Coat of Arms as follows;

Blazon of Arms:

Argent on a fesse sable three mullets of six points or, pierced gules.

Crest: A stag's head with a ring round the neck argent.

Motto: Faitz proverount.

Translation: Deeds will prove.

Origin: England.


On close inspection of the GRIMSTON coat of arms this is very similar see my Heraldry page.