The Grimason / Grimeson /Grimison Pedigrees of the world based on current research.

Grimmesey Family of USA ex Ireland, I have found no evidence that the surname survives in Ireland yet.

Grimshaw Families of;
 This an effort to identify which Grimshaw families originate from County Armagh Ireland as it is those I am interested in.

If you are a descendant of one of these families that I am interested in then please do contact me.

How will be you able to tell if I am interested in your Grimshaw Family?
More than likely you will see a Surname change, this is the important Identifier, this is likely to have happened in Ireland and to the best of my knowledge and research done so far this only applies to the Grimshaw's of County Armagh.
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Ireland  *

Ireland *( note a number of these families do turn up in other countries as well.)

Note: I have excluded doing this for England and Wales due to the fact that the Grimshaw surname is as common as Smith, Brown and Jones in Lancashire and York, England.